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With regard to all Massachusetts personal injury claims, the basis for finding that a person or entity is responsible for your damages, as a matter of Massachusetts law, is by proving that the other party was negligent. The fault of the other party is shown by proving that they did something wrong, or otherwise failed to satisfy a legal duty that was owed to the injured person.

Massachusetts negligence, with respect to a personal injury accident, can be proved by demonstrating that a person or entity behaved carelessly or otherwise improperly, and that this wrongdoing caused an injury to another person. The at-fault party, namely the person that is found to be negligent, is responsible for all damages that may have been caused due to his or her carelessness or mistake. Settlement negotiations and cases in Massachusetts courts frequently involve a dispute over which party is at fault, i.e., negligent, with respect to the Massachusetts accident.

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Specifically, under Massachusetts law, negligence is defined as the failure to exercise that degree of care that an ordinary, cautious and reasonable person or entity would have exercised, given all of the facts and circumstances of a particular situation. Negligence can involve either action, a failure to act, or both. When an individual or other entity fails to exercise the standard of care called for under the circumstances, and a Massachusetts resident sustains a personal injury or multiple injuries as a result thereof, then the injured Massachusetts person may bring a claim for money damages under Massachusetts tort law.

Under Massachusetts law, negligence requires proof of four elements:

(1) Duty,

(2) Breach,

(3) Causation, and

(4) Damages.

In order to be able to recover money damages for your Massachusetts personal injuries and other expenses, all four of these elements must be demonstrated and proven.

Negligence has been the main standard and criteria for imposing civil liability for Massachusetts personal injury cases for about the last 150 years. In addition, negligence cases make up the largest item of business on the civil side of all Massachusetts trial courts dockets.

In Massachusetts personal injury claims and Massachusetts personal injury trials, the injured person, called the plaintiff, must prove that the other person, namely the defendant, was at fault for the Massachusetts accident. The plaintiff must show that his or her injuries were caused by the negligence of the defendant. Negligence is thus based on the defendant’s failure to satisfy and uphold his or her legal obligation to protect the safety of the plaintiff, by causing an accident which resulted in harm or injury to the plaintiff.

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